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Plutus Smart Contract Specialists

From NFT utility contracts to marketplaces, Canonical is here to solve your Cardano smart contract needs.

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Our Services

Smart Contract Design

We will work with you to understand your requirements and develop the most appropriate approach to your problem.

Smart Contract Development

We will develop the smart contracts and deliver scripts that demonstrate how to use them.

Smart Contract Integration

After the smart contracts are written, integration can be challenging. Hire us to perform wallet and other off-chain integration tasks.

Enhanced Verification

When enhanced security is required, we offer more robust testing services, leveraged automated fuzzying. 

Formal Verification

When security is of the upmost importance, formal verification is a must to ensure the code is expliot free.


We will comb through your smart contract and produce a comprehensive security report.

Home: Services
Home: Services

“Working with Canonical has been smooth experience. Can't say enough good things.”

Stevie Huh - Founder - Genesis Auction House



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Jonathan Fischoff

Jonathan Fischoff has been an active member of the Haskell community for over a decade. Before starting Canonical, Jonathan was head of backend development at SimSpace.

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